Fast Screenplay Dictation


Here's what we know so far.

How much does it cost?

Free for now...we are collecting applicants to test our beta. If you're accepted into this test, it will be free. In the future, we will offer a monthly plan for those who have short-term needs. And a yearly plan for the Pros who have tons of projects and are constantly cranking out scripts.

What do I need for it to work?

A microphone and a computer. Our software is smaller than Final Draft and way smaller than Final Cut.

Where do I write?

Wherever you want. Our software outputs a text file that you can import into your favorite screenwriting software which will automatically parse it as a script. There, you do your revisions.

What about the audio?

You keep the audio file, just like you keep the text file. If you want to listen along to it later, you can. Nothing of yours is shared to anyone outside of your computer.

What is this?

This is your pre-writing tool. Think of it like an audio recorder on steroids - steroids that are engineered in a lab to hulk you into a super-prolific screenwriter whose agents are flabbergasted that you turn a spitballed logline into a draft in one day.

Where do I start?

We suggest you start with an outline. Our free outlining tool will help take you from your initial idea into the dozens of scenes (or however many) that make your story. Our interactive & responsive frameworks follow the guidepost systems taught by Aristotle, Blake Snyder, Chris Vogler, Drew Yanno, James V. Hart, Joseph Campbell, Peter Dunne, Robert Towne, and Syd Field.

No really, where do I start?

See below...

Apply to join our beta program and enjoy First Draft for free.

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